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Latest Updates:
 24th Nov. 2007

Welcome to my website.

This site is designed to give the visitor an insight into my hobby of collecting decorated truncheons and tipstaves. These are principally from the Georgian and Victorian era, but also include commemorative truncheons of the Twentieth Century.

Those who are already interested in these historical works of art will know that little has been written on what I consider a fascinating and unusual subject. It is my hope that these pages will not only enlighten people about these objects, but also help with my research and quest to further my own knowledge. What I have written on this site has been learnt over the past eighteen years as a collector. I would be most pleased to correspond with anyone looking for help in identifying a piece, seeking information or able to supply details of other rare and interesting examples.

I would like to express my thanks to Norman Eastbrook MBE, Head of Essex Police Photographic Department for his help and support in undertaking the photography for this project.

Various Victorian Tipstaves